Reviews for Lose Weight with Green Tea

“…Great book for both tea lovers and those seeking a healthy weight loss method.”

—Bella, “Womans-Health.Net”

“…I encourage those that are interested in a healthy body to consider reading Rouner’s ‘Lose Weight with Green Tea,’ add drinking green tea to their daily routine, and benefit the abundant results. Here’s to health!”
—Reader Views, Austin, TX, 

“Reviews, by readers, for readers”

“This small book packs a mighty punch!”
—Patricia A. Hamilton, Pacific Grove, CA, author)

“…This is a book for tea connoisseurs, dietitians, heath care givers, and dieters. It should be on the shelves in every health food store and in the pharmacy department of the chains…”
—Richard R. Blake, book reviewer

“…If you have ever heard about the connection between green tea and weight loss, and wondered about it, then the few bucks asked for this book will be money well spent…”
—Gary Micheloni, author

“…More than just a weight loss book–grab a cup of tea and enjoy!”
—Lisa Frye, Henderson, NV, reader

“A huge teacup full of information…”
—Armchair Reviews, Minneapolis, MN

“…the information presented is clear, concise, and very informative.”
—Gary R. Ferguson, Cherry Creek Publishing

“…The book will appeal to the tea lover and to the uninitiated alike.”
—Laura Ramirez, Reno, NV, author

“…Patricia’s book will help you explore tea, use it while you’re trying to lose weight, and, hopefully, turn you into a tea drinker for life!”
—Glory Borgeson, Chicago, IL, author

“… I loved it. This book is loaded with enjoyable information on the benefits of green tea for weight loss and the many other health contributions of green tea.”
—Dwayne Overly, Ozark, MO, book reviewer