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Lose Weight with Green Tea by Patricia Rouner tells how drinking green tea will help you lose weight and why it should not be a bitter experience.

Dear Green Tea Lady,

I want to lose weight but the green tea I tried tasted like boiled dandelions. Does all green tea taste bitter?

Fat and fearful in Cedar Rapids

Dear Fearful,

Do not be afraid. Proper preparation will prevent the bitter taste you experienced, and when mixed with other flavors (orange, lemon or peach, for example), green tea is refreshing and soothing…a delicious way to lose weight! Read Lose Weight with Green Tea to learn how to brew your own blend of flavors, and how to brew tea so it is never bitter.

Dear Ms. Rouner,

I’ve heard about the health benefits of green tea but can it really help me lose weight?

Pam in Oak Park


Dear Pam,

Yes, it can. Scientists at the University of Geneva carefully studied several men and found that green tea caused them to lose weight. Other studies have corroborated those findings. Lose Weight with Green Tea explains the science behind the claims and the other health benefits of green tea.


I would like to try green tea but I’m very sensitive to caffeine. What should I do?

Caffeine phobic in Cincinnati

Dear Caffeine Phobic,

Did you know you can decaffeinate tea in your own kitchen? Lose Weight with Green Tea tells you how!

Patricia Rouner, who lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, co-authored The New Business Values for Success in the Twenty-first Century and has edited a wide range of publications, from medical texts to children’s books and sailing magazines.

Paperback: 160 pages / 8 x 5.5

Publisher: Smith House Press

ISBN: 0961522178

Cost: $14.95

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