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New Green Tea Weight Loss Book tells how to do it; no, it doesn’t have to taste bitter


(St. Paul, MN)…Recent news reports have trumpeted the stunning health and weight loss attributes of green tea. But many would-be dieters and others seeking its health benefits need help integrating it into their daily regimen. Some people complain about the bitter taste of their green tea; others just don’t know how it can help them shed pounds.

Lose Weight with Green Tea, by author and medical editor, Patricia Rouner, has all the answers to these questions and more. Green tea should not be bitter, for example; the secret lies in the water temperature. Despite the instructions on many tea boxes, and unlike black tea, green tea must be prepared using water that is heated to just below the full boiling point.

Ms. Rouner’s book also answers the most often asked questions about weight loss with green tea:

  • How much should I drink?
  • Which brands are best?
  • How long should I steep it?
  • Can I take green tea supplements instead?
  • How do I recognize the correct water temperature?
  • Any nifty ideas on what to do with the leftover tea leaves?

And yes, there are several suggestions for those who just don’t like the flavor of green tea, period.

The dieter will also find sensible tips to enhance the weight loss process using green tea as well as a chapter full of documented research on the many amazing health benefits of green tea.

Patricia Rouner, who lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, is co-author of the New Business Values for Success in the Twenty-first Century and has edited a wide range of publications: medical textbooks, children’s books and sailing magazines. She used green tea to lose the 30 pounds that had mysteriously appeared over the last 30 years.

Paperback: 160 pages

Publisher: Smith House Press

ISBN: 0961522178

Cost:  $14.95

Available online at Amazon and other booksellers.

Media kits, review copies and interviews available on request.

CONTACT: Sybil Smith (651) 490-9408 E-mail: