About Us

Smith House Press, of St. Paul, Minnesota, has been publishing quality books on health and healing since it was launched by Sybil Smith in 1994. It got off to a strong start with its first publication, The Fibromyalgia Help Book, which has sold over 150,000 copies to date.

Smith House Press welcomes unconventional and unique ideas. Its most unusual book, Lose Weight With Green Tea: A Safe Weight-Loss Method That Works, compiles practical information, advice, and credible scientific documentation on green tea’s weight loss and health benefits. It is also available as an eBook and a downloadable audio book.

Sybil Smith’s love of fishing led to the creation of her first publishing company, FINS Publications (area fishing guides and maps) in 1980. In 2007 she went on to help publishers and authors publish their own books through Smith House Press Publishing Consultants. Through The eBook Consultants, she assists authors in publishing, promoting, and selling their eBooks.

A three-term president of the Midwest Independent Publishers Association (www.mipa.org), Sybil Smith was recognized in 1997 with its Publisher of the Year award. In 2010 she also received the first-ever Pat Bell Award for her mentoring, encouragement of new authors, and sense of humor. She keeps up with the ever-changing world of publishing through her memberships in MN Publishers Roundtable, the Independent Book Publishers Association (IPBA) and Small Publishers Association of North America (SPAN).