Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. You aren’t alone
2. What is fibromyalgia?
3. What causes fibromyalgia?
4. Getting the diagnosis and finding a medical care provider
5. Medical management of fibromyalgia
6. Building a relationship with your physician
7. Developing your exercise program
8. Getting a good night’s sleep
9. Making lifestyle adjustments
10. Employment issues
11. Memory and concentration problems
12. Managing widespread pain
13. Practical helps for specific problems
14. Managing fatigue
15. Managing stress
16. Managing flare-ups
17. Coping with fibromyalgia
18. Fibromyalgia in children
19. Fibromyalgia research
20. Starting a fibromyalgia support group

Additional Reading
Fibromyalgia Organizations of North America
United States Arthritis Foundation Chapters
The Arthritis Society of Canada
Helpful Organizations
Fibromyalgia Research Centers
Adaptive Equipment Resources
Relaxation and Guided Imagery Tapes

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